Raegan Elizabeth Coenen


Raegan (Rae) Elizabeth Coenen
07-15-09 15:15:00
7lbs 1 oz
21 inches

Mom and baby are home and doing great! Got home just in time to throw a party for Brooklyn’s 2nd birthday.

Just a note on one of the pictures below that has the name “Etola Rochelle Coenen” in the name tag for the baby. Betsy and I actually took three days to agree on a name so that was our “fill-in” name until we came up with something we could agree on. Etola is actually my grandmother’s name and with it being such a “unique” name it has always been a family joke about who was going to bite the bullet and carry on the Etola name. Also Rae was born on my big sister Shell’s birthday so we decided to give her props with the middle “fill-in” name. Unfortunately for Grandma and Shell the name did not stick, but I guess that means it’s still free for someone else in the family to use 🙂

In other bad news Betsy decided to break the trend of having really easy birth dates for me to remember. Jack was born on 5-25-05, Brooklyn 7-17-07, and despite me trying to encourage Betsy to wait until 9-9-09 before she had the baby she went ahead and had the baby on 7-15-09. If there is any consolation though Rae was born at 15:15 military time on the 15th.

Anyway it’s been a fun and exciting week, in the span of 5 days we’ve had our 6th wedding anniversary, birth of Rae, and our daughter Brooklyn’s 2nd birthday. We truly are blessed.